Cross country trains, one of the UK’s leading train operators, has recently announced its franchise agreement with the government. The agreement ensures that Cross country trains will continue providing rail services across the country until 2023. The franchise agreement is a win-win situation for both parties – the government can ensure that rail services are delivered consistently while Cross country trains will be able to continue providing high-quality services to its customers.

Cross country trains began operating in 2007 and has grown to become one of the UK’s most reliable train operators. It provides services to a wide range of destinations, from Aberdeen to Penzance, and has become a popular choice for passengers travelling across the UK. The franchise agreement ensures that Cross country trains will continue to operate 121 routes, with over 7,000 services per week.

But what does this mean for customers travelling on Cross country trains? Firstly, the franchise agreement ensures that customers will continue to receive reliable and comfortable services. Cross country trains has invested in its fleet of trains, which now includes modern and spacious carriages with free Wi-Fi and charging points. The agreement also means that Cross country trains will continue to work towards improving its services, such as increasing the number of services it operates and improving the frequency of its trains.

Crucially, the franchise agreement also ensures that Cross country trains will continue to meet the needs of its customers. The operator has a strong commitment to providing accessible services for those with mobility issues, including reserved seating for disabled passengers and assistance for those who require it. The franchise agreement ensures that these important services will continue to be provided.

Cross country trains is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment. The franchise agreement requires the operator to work towards reducing its carbon emissions and improving its sustainability practices. This means that customers can feel confident that they are travelling with a responsible and sustainable transport provider.

In conclusion, the Cross country trains franchise agreement ensures that the operator will continue to provide high-quality services to its customers across the UK. Customers can expect reliable and comfortable train services, with a focus on accessibility and sustainability. The agreement is a positive step for both the government and Cross country trains, demonstrating a strong commitment to delivering consistent and reliable rail services.